Jeff Swan

Providing the Yakima County Superior Court Insight from the Perspective of Those We Serve.

I’m Jeff Swan, and I have been serving the residents of the Yakima Valley as a defense trial attorney for 25 years. I’ve seen people at their most vulnerable and helped them navigate the confusing and often frightening pathway through our local court system. This experience offers me a unique perspective into how each individual is affected by our judicial processes. I am now asking for your support in selecting me as your next Department 3, Yakima County Superior Court Judge. I believe with my insight, I can help make the Yakima County Superior Court more efficient and accessible to all those we serve.

These many years of service have taught me compassion and understanding for people needing the help of our court system. My reputation is founded on trusted trial experience and a respect for the legal process. I have developed close working relationships with our Superior Court judges and other court personnel. My decisions as judge will be based on the awareness that our legal system has real consequences that are deeply felt by the people who bring their matters before the court.

I believe strongly in the protections provided under our constitution—that everyone has the right to a fair trial, equal representation under the law, and the pursuit of truth. I became a lawyer to help ensure these rights and liberties are upheld. I accept this responsibility in my work every day.

As your Yakima County Superior Court judge, I will seek the truth in every case. I will improve efficiency, streamline processes, and minimize costs. And I will endeavor to build strong bridges between the bench and the community it serves.

I believe a judge should be a servant leader—ensuring people are provided an opportunity to be heard, access to a fair trial, and a speedy resolution to their cases.

My Vision for our Community as Your Superior Court Judge

To Build a Safer Community

Yakima County has a long-standing use of alternative treatment courts. Investing in these programs can reduce court congestion, decrease rates of repeat offenses, and optimize community resources. Successful alternative courts contribute to stable and healthy communities. As judge, I will work with prosecutors, law enforcement, defense professionals, and other community organizations to expand the use of these proven and effective programs.

To Streamline the Courts

People often find the court system intimidating because of complex rules and confusing processes. Providing easy-to-understand information on websites with forms and instructions can give any community member the tools to navigate our judicial system. We should expand the services of court facilitators who assist those trying to access our courts. Use of these resources will improve efficiency, improve understanding of our court processes, and build stronger relationships with those our court serves.

To Provide Access for All

Yakima County is a diverse and vibrant region. The court must provide necessary access for all of us, especially underserved members of our community. We need to provide assistance to those with low literacy, limited resources, or language barriers. As a community court, we should provide adequate language interpreter services, easy to understand documentation, and most importantly, compassion. As judge, I will commit to providing everyone access to justice.

Experienced. Trusted. Decisive.

I have earned a reputation within the Yakima County court system as an efficient evaluator who doggedly moves cases forward. Everyone I interact with–clients, professionals, and law enforcement–are treated equally, with respect and dignity. I see my role as judge to be a servant-leader and view the right of justice for all people of this community as motivation for the work I do. I want to build bridges between the bench and the people of our Yakima community.

“Exceptionally Well Qualified” judicial rating from Washington Women Lawyers

“Well Qualified” judicial rating from Washington State Veterans Bar Association

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